Transmission Inspection and Repairs

We provide transmission inspection and repair services and we come right to you to do it!

What is a transmission?

A transmission makes sure that the right amount of power goes to your wheels to drive at a given speed. Your transmission works by shifting gears in a similar way that an everyday bicycle shifts gears. Like in a bicycle, if the chain is in too high of a gear, you’ll have trouble starting from a stop. If the chain is off,  your vehicle (or bicycle) won’t go. A transmission controls all of this to ensure your vehicle is running in the right gear at different speeds. Without keeping your transmission well-maintained your vehicle may lose fuel economy or in worst-case scenarios, break down resulting in your vehicle not working.

We are your local transmission experts!

Your transmission may just be one piece of your car. But do you know how many pieces are in your transmission? 800! That means that there are 800 ways your transmission could stop working. We are experts in transmission repair and will identify and fix your problem effectively and efficiently.

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