Oil Change

When you come to us for your oil change, you’ll enjoy a FREE 21 Point Inspection and Tire Rotation!

Oil Changes are very important and many drivers ignore or put off oil change intervals with disastrous results!

Why are oil changes important?

Engine oil is important because it acts as a lubricant for the moving components of your vehicle’s engine. This lubrication allows all of the different moving engine gears and parts to move past each other without generating too much friction. If too much friction were to occur, too much heat would be produced and not only would your engine slow down dramatically, but it could cause significant amount of damage to crucial components of your engine.

Engine oil also is a cleanser. It’s sticky and picks up a lot of dirt and dust particles.  This is important as well because without a cleaner like oil, your engine’s moving components could get stuck on pieces of dirt, mud, etc. that find their way into the engine.

Overtime oil breaks down and gets too contaminated with dirt, dust, and debris and needs to be drained and replaced with new oil. This is exactly what an oil change is and we do it to perfection! Contact us today to schedule an oil change!

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