Fuel Inspection and Cleaning

We provide fuel inspection and cleaning services to all makes and models!

Why is fuel inspection and cleaning important?

Fuel inspection and cleaning is important in order to ensure your vehicle is running properly and doesn’t experience costly repairs and down-time in the future.

Think of it this way. If your vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon it’ll consume over 5,000 gallons of gas over the course of 100k miles. Try to visualize 5,000 gallons of gas. It’s a lot! During this time, debris, sediment, and rust can get into the fuel tank and cause problems. Removing all of these contaminants are crucial to your vehicle performing at peak performance. This is exactly what fuel inspection and cleaning is designed for. We’ll check all areas of your fuel system and clean or replace (typically your fuel filter is the only needed replacement) as deemed necessary.

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