Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every vehicle comes with a factory scheduled maintenance guide. This is your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to help extend the life of your car and prevent costly auto repairs down the road. Your vehicle is one of the largest investments you’ll make and by following the your factory scheduled maintenance guide you can protect that investment. We here at A and D Mobile Auto Repair have exactly what you need to get your maintenance done right and keep your car running as it should.

Where is my factory recommended maintenance schedule?

Your vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance should be in your vehicle’s manual. There are some websites where you can input your vehicle’s information to look up your car’s recommended maintenance schedule but these can be inaccurate. Your best bet is either reading your car’s manual, getting your vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance guide straight off your auto-maker’s website, contacting the dealership where you bought your car, or contacting us at A and D to look it up for you.

If your vehicle is due for some routine maintenance, call us today at 707-304-3204 or visit our contact page to send us a message.